Prepare and prevent

by | Jan 1, 2021

The nature of an accident is that you don’t know when it’s going to happen. Not sure what super-psychic powers those cyclists whose helmets swing from their handlebars, but generally, an accident catches us off guard and our ability to survive it or emerge relatively unscathed may well depend on what preventative measures we’d taken to consider the risks, eliminate or reduce contributing factors where possible and thereby mitigate any unavoidable harm.

It’s the basis of any health and safety management system – the ‘risk assessment’, and in a business, the considerations may be complex, which is where qsuk can help. But stop and think how, in our day-to-day activities, we’re doing informal risk assessments – it’s the reason we put a coat on when it’s cold, why we put lights on when it’s dark, or let a hot drink cool to a temperature which won’t burn us.

When we were out walking last week, we came across an 85-year-old man who had slipped on the ice, hit a bench in falling and was laying on the ground in severe pain. After 45 minutes laying there, waiting for the ambulance to arrive, his risk of dying of hypothermia was very apparent. We did eventually manage to wrap him in an extra coat, which we had in the car, but since the car was a 40-minute round walk away, it wasn’t ideal. Since then, we’ve bought some ‘foil blankets’, which fold up to less than the size and weight of a small pack of tissues, and we’ll carry one of those with us at all times – hopefully being prepared will prevent a similar risk in the future.

Mind you, once the poor gentleman was on the ambulance stretcher, it was clear that his footwear wasn’t ideal for walking in the ice and it’s a miracle he got as far as he did! So it’s a reminder to us all to choose the appropriate footwear for whatever activity we’re doing.

We’d love to share the wonder of foil blankets with you, so for the first 50 people who contact us, we’ll happily dispatch a blanket to you, free of charge!